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Garage Door Broken Spring Repair Services

Garage door problems can be caused by numerous factors such as wear-and-tear, broken hinges, bent track, and broken springs, among many others. Broken springs, unfortunately, is one of the most common part of the garage door to break.

So first things first, what is the function of a spring in your garage door? The springs work behind the scenes helping in the opening and closing of the garage door. The everyday usage causes tension to these springs, and if you’ve had them long enough, they tend to break. In most cases, if one spring is broken, you may intend to replace the other one too, because the other spring can be on the brink of breaking as well. Companies offering garage door repair broken springs would often advise that you replace both garage door springs at the same time, to save time and money.

Two of the most common types of garage door springs are torsion springs and extension springs.
The torsion springs can be located on top of a closed garage door. They are wound tightly and are heavily used every day making it most likely to break. When it breaks, you may be tempted to fix the problem yourself. Performing garage door repair broken springs is one of the common services of all garage door repair companies. It will be better to seek professional advice as there have been numerous incidents of injuries reported linking to DIY enthusiasts who tried to fix broken torsion springs themselves. Unless you have professional experience, do not attempt to do this on your own.

Torsion springs replacement would require for the exterior drums to be loosened, bolts holding the non-moving part of the torsion spring to be removed, torsion spring to be replaced, bolts tightened, and spring to be wound tightly. Again, it is very important to note that you should not attempt to remove a torsion spring by yourself, leave it to companies specializing on Garage door repair broken springs services.

Extension springs, on the other hand, is located on the door tracks. These are the springs that perform an extending motion to close the garage door or enable it to spring back to its original position to open it. Extension springs are either mounted on top or on left/right. If the extension springs break, the danger of fixing it yourself is not as high as fixing torsion springs. Better leave it to the professionals as it is simply not worth the risk.

Some of the tools required to repair broken springs are vice grips, adjustable wrench, socket wrench, sockets, ladder, and you may need a spare set of springs for replacement. For extension springs, you would need to remove the springs from the door. If you attempt replacement, make sure that you have the correct type. Call our company so we can assist you in all your Garage door repair broken springs needs.

We specialize in repair, maintenance and/or replacement of broken springs. For your safety and convenience, always choose to have a professional, work on your broken garage door springs.

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