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Choosing the right garage doors may not be as easy as what we think. There are different types of garage doors which can suit our tastes and needs. This is why it is advisable to seek the advice of a professional garage door repair door installation company to help you make informed choices.

Our company offers garage door repair door installation services and to give you an idea, here are some of the doors that we install:

  • Single Panel Garage Doors – This kind of garage door is usually from a monolithic panel. Coming from being closed in position, there is a panel door that would swing up. This has hinges on its each side, so that it opens to an open position.
  • Sectional Garage Doors – unlike the single panels, these doors would consist of three to eight panels which also slides up and overhead.
  • Roller doors – these are made up of steel which is corrugated, although corrugated fiber glass may also be used.

Given the different types of garage doors above, our company helps you decide by catering to your different needs, preferences and budget.

As we also cater to door repairs, our services are not limited to garage door repair door installation. We also attend to your repair needs. Do keep in mind that even though most garage doors have long shelf lives, they tend to break every now and then. Some garage door problems can be attributed to installation errors especially those operated with torsion springs. For older garage doors, springs can be the problem as these are tightly wound and undergo heavy tension with numerous and frequent use. Rust also brings about problems with garage doors, as its build up can cause friction and affects the moving spring. Cold weather is also another factor that causes damage.

For garage door repair door installation services, our company tries to prevent problems brought about by factors above by using heavy duty and quality materials, particularly on the springs, as this is one of the most important elements in your garage door.

In cases of garage door repair door installation problems, some of the steps that you can do as a means to isolate the problem, would be to check the power supply.

We also advise checking if there is any damage in the garage door itself. Depending on the extent of the physical damage, you can call us anytime if you think the damage is beyond a DIY fix.

Also try cooling the opener for about half an hour, as overheating or overloading may have been the problem. Try pushing on the auxiliary control button. However, do not do this when you use your transmitter. Also try changing the batteries of the transmitter, to isolate this cause.

Try to change your security code too, as there is a chance that there is an interference especially if someone near you is using the same product. Perform also an alignment inspection as the header and the door bracket may have been loose.
In cases that the transmitter gets to activate the drive unit but the garage door refuses to budge, you may need to check the drive belt.

There are more things that you can do to address your garage door problems related to garage door repair door installation. We strongly suggest that if above troubleshooting steps do not work, call a professional. Do not attempt to repair the problem yourself, as this may be dangerous.

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