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Garage Door New Motor Installation Services

Contrary to popular belief, our motor garage door does not open and close simply because of the power of a switch. The garage opens and closes because of the springs attached to the door itself. With the counterbalance cables, the springs in the door go through tension so that it may open and close; our motor door openers simply control the extent of the door’s opening and closing.

If you currently have a manual garage door, chances are you may be thinking of upgrading it to a motor garage door. There are a lot of companies around that offers garage door motor installation. Motor door is easier and less costly to maintain than that of a manual door. Most motor doors are weather and water resistant. You can simply do a wet and wipe technique once a month to ensure that your garage door’s shelf life is extended.

As for garage door motor installation in typical residential units, as long as you have a power outlet by the garage, then you are done with the first essential step. The companies that specialize in the installation will be doing the rest of the step, which include wiring photo-eye safety switches, and hard wiring a door opener button in your garage wall near your main door inside your house, for ease of access. Most garage door motor installation services also take care of your choice of keypads and other added components as necessary to help you with ease of use.

As all things that are electric, there are some instances that the motor garage door would not function as smoothly as we want them to. Choosing a reputable company to provide you with garage door motor installation and repair needs is imperative as it may cost you a significant amount of time and money, which is the last thing you may need. The one thing you need to tough out in conversion from manual to motor door is the installation, which, in most cases, is a one-time deal.

If you are currently having issues with your motor garage doors, always check the power source, you would want to eliminate that the cause of breakdown is not because it is not plugged into the socket. You can also pull the emergency chain, and if this step does not do the trick, do observe and inspect for any obstruction by the door. If the above steps do not work, seek professional help.

Our company offerings do not only include garage door motor installation and repair services. Our products and services come with a warranty for the first year. We install different garage door needs with the highest standard in the fastest time. We handle all garage door requirements from annual servicing and maintenance, including consultation and repairs. We provide complete supply and installation for both residential and business units, with option for panel replacements, as necessary. We service all types of garage doors and openers, as well as springs, door sections, cables, tracks and extension springs. We only use top manufacturer brands in doors, motor handsets and fittings.
We know that you want to get the job done right, that’s why we are here for all your garage door motor installation needs and more.

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